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Welcome to the Air Diagnostics and Engineering Inc. Home Page.

We offer products and services related to aerosol science including equipment for sampling (PM)-10 , (PM)- 2.5, (PM )-1.0 and total dusts, both indoors and outside.

We also offer consulting services related to Indoor Air Quality and HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) measurement, HVAC commissioning, sustainable and healthy building design, and design of corrective solutions.

We manufacture one of the worlds most widely utilized indoor sampler for (PM)-10 , (PM)- 2.5, (PM )-1.0 and total dusts. The MS &T Ô sampler is often referred to as the Harvard Sampler.

We also offer a quiet indoor flow controlled Pumping and Control unit, the SP 280 that is suitable for quiet sampling over the flow rate of 4 to 28 liters per minute.

We offer filter supplies and related items utilized with the above items during aerosol sampling.

For those who would like one stop shopping, we also have access to a designated U.S. Environmental Protection Agency PM2.5 sampler. (Designation No. RFPS-0498-116).

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