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Indoor Aerosol Monitoring Equipment.


Introduction / Application

The main intent of the standard configuration of the sampler is for area assessment of indoor particles utilizing a 37 mm filter and standard Anderson type dichotomous sampler filter holder rings. Although it is not a designated US EPA Federal Reference Method (FRM) sampler because it has not be wind tunnel tested, many researchers often utilize the sampler for outdoor use when a FRM sampler is not required. A primary goal of the sampler design is uniform deposition of material on a 37 mm filter such that Beta Gauging and elemental analysis of the deposited material utilizing X-ray Fluorescence Analysis is facilitated. The high sampling rates that are available allow, standard micro-balance gravimetric techniques to be utilized in non-industrial environments for sampling periods as short as 4 hours. Currently, standard flows of 4, 10, or 20 Liters/Min. are available.

Additional goals of the pumping and control unit design included suitability for very quiet indoor sampling, and the ability to run the sampler from a back-up 12 volt power source such as a gel-cell type battery or automotive supply jack.


The sampler is a two part configuration i.e. the sampling inlet and filter holder/impactor are separate from the programmable, flow controlled pumping unit, connected by a hose. This allows the inlet assembly and filter holder to be easily changed or serviced as a unit. It also allows the pumping unit to be located indoors for security or protection from the elements when the sampling head is utilized for both indoors and outdoors. If the pump is used outdoor in above freezing weather, protections from the elements must be provided.

Flow Rates and Impactor Size Cut

(1.0, 2.5, 10.0 micron size cuts available)

(PM)-1 , (PM)- 2.5, (PM )-10 and total dusts

There are currently interchangeable impactor nozzles available for standard flow rates of 4, 10, and 20 LPM designed to provide suitable Respirable, Inhaleable, or Breathable size cuts over the flow range of 2 to 20 LPM, allowing versatility of the impactor.


These nozzle sizes have been tested with solid particle aerosols by University of Minnesota researchers, and compared to other samplers. Reference professional publications are available concerning various comparisons published since 1985.

Calibration data and curves for all nozzles are posted on our web page.

Or download the MS Word document here. (135kb download)

The current six (6) different nozzles provide a sharp 50% size cut at 2.5 microns (Fine Fraction) and 10 microns (Inhalebale Fraction) at standard flows 4, 10, or 20 LPM.

Based on the test data generated in evaluations to date, the same 4 LPM nozzles are calculated to provide a sharp 50% cut off at 3.5 and 15 microns respectively at a flow rate of 2 LPM.

Similar performance is expected for the 10 and 20 LPM nozzles. Thus, the 2.5 micron 20 LPM nozzle is calculated to cut at 3.5 microns a flow rate of 10 LPM. Other flow rates can be evaluated or designed for custom applications.

A 1.0 micron cut has recently been calibrated from a stacked pair of nozzles at 23 LPM and is in limited use primarily in Europe.

Impactor Specifications

Standard Size Fractionation:

(PM) -2.5 Fine fraction 2.5 micro meters + - 10%; 50% cutpoint


(PM ) -10.0 Course fraction 10.0 micro meters + - 10%; 50% cutpoint


Sample Deposition: Sample deposited in a strictly uniform manner suitable for automated XRF analysis, Beta Gauging, and gravimetric operations. Uniform deposit is defined as: deposit density per cm squared of the filter shall not exceed + - 10% of the average deposit of the filter.

Filter Media: Sampler has been utilized with 37 mm Teflon membrane filters (with support ring), glass fiber filters and polycarbonate filters. All generally utilized with an "Anderson" type dichotomous sampler ring and Whatman "drain disk" support pad to prevent blow out at high loading and high flow rates.


Pumping and Control Unit

Power requirements: 110-130 VAC, 50/60 Hertz, (240 volts optional, nominal extra), up to 30 watts dependent upon load, 12 VDC back up from external source built in option

Control: Volume based flow controlled over the range of 4 to 28 LPM, temp. and pressure compensated, continuous adjustment, maximum pressure drop in the range of 80 inches of water column at flows up to 20 LPM, 50 inches at 23 LPM and 20 inches at 28 LPM. Continuously adjustable via 10 turn lockable potentiometer. Total elapsed time meter, and programmable 1 week timer in two hour increments (82 set points), with battery back up clock. Optional 24 hour timer, or 7 day digital timer nominal extra or $50.00 US.

Pump: Vibrating diaphragm pump for reduced pulsation. Oiless, maintenance free design. Expected and proven life in normal service between service 3,000 to 5,000 hours of operation at 10 LPM at 50 inches water column.

Noise Level: "Very quiet", suitable for office or residential use. < 55 dbA at one meter, at up to 60 inches vacuum.

Indoor Sound Dampening Case Size: 18" x 10" x 14" nominal, with small plastic internal case for Impactor/Accessory storage inside of the sound box during transport.

Weight: Less than 28 lb. Complete with indoor sound dampening case, with impactor stored inside case.

Warranty: Two year against defective parts for impactor. Ninety day against defective parts for the pumping and control unit in normal use

Sample Standard Operating Procedures: The use and operation of the Impactor will vary dependent upon the type of sampling being conducted. A sample S.O.P. can be downloaded here (111kb download).

Standard Costs: ( US dollars) email for Quotation

Please checkmark the desired items and indicate the quantities
(1)Pumping and Control unit: $ 2,395.00
(2)Impactor unit, one size: $ 895.00
(3)Extra Nozzles, any size: $ 395.00
(4)Reusable Impaction Plate: $ 95.00
(5)Calibration Inlet Adapter $ 95.00
(6)Spare o-rings and gasket set $ 20.00
(7)4-28 LPM Rotometer $ 349.00
(8)Rain Hat (or use upside down)$ 95.00


Email for quantity pricing on items: 9,10,11

(9)Anderson Filter Cassettes for sampler
(10)Anderson Teflon Filters 37mm (2 pore size)
(11)Whatman Polyolefin Drain Disks
(12)Pre-weighed and loaded filter assemblies

Note: Quantity discounts available for impactor quantities greater than 2 units with prepayment or Bank Payment Guarantee within 10 days:

Standard Impactor Discounts with Prepayment:

2-5 units - 15%, 6-10 units -20%, 11-24 units -30%, 25- 45 units -35%, + 45 units -40%

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